Senin, 16 Juni 2008

Allah (part 2)

B. We Must Know Truth.

Nasrudin didn’t have a house, of course. He was only trying to show the people how dumb they were. When the people asked the long-haired man for proof about what he was saying, what did he do?

He showed the people a book that he wrote himself. But just because someone writes their words in a book, it does not mean that they’re automatically true. The long-haired man just put whatever he had to say on paper. What kind of proof is that?

The dumb people thought that the man’s own book was enough proof that whatever he said was right. Nasrudin put a brick on the table to prove he had a house. But anyone can bring in a brick and say that, even if they don’t really have a house, like Nasrudin.

The people should have known that proof for something has to come from a different person or thing. Otherwise, it may be just one person fooling you over and over. This is good advice: always look for proof, and don’t just take someone else’s words by themselves. That is the best way.

Kamis, 05 Juni 2008

ALLAH (Part 1)


  1. Real or Fake?

A man named Nasrudin was sitting in a tea house one day, enjoying a warm cup of his favorite drink. Suddenly, a long-haired man came into the tea house and told everybody that he was very smart and that he could answer every question.

He started to brag to everybody about how much he knew. Then he began telling people what he thought about many different things. He said he was right about everything.

One old person thought that it was strange for someone to say he was so smart, so he asked the long-haired man how he was right. “How do I know what you’re saying is true?” the old person asked.

The long-haired man stood up and pulled a book from out of his coat pocket. He slammed it on the table in front of everybody and said, “This is my proof! And I wrote it myself!”

Now in that part of the world, only a few people could read and even fewer could write. The people were even more amazed that this man had even written a whole a book-all by himself! So they came close to him and started saying how smart and wonderful they thought he was.

Nasrudin, who was sitting in the corner, looked at what was going on and then left silently.

The next day, as people were sitting in the tea house enjoying their morning tea, Nasrudin came into the room in a hurry.

“Who wants to buy my house?” he asked in a loud voice. “My house is for sale.”

“You don’t own a house,” the people reminded him. “We all know that you never owned a house. So how can we trust that you have now? Where is your proof? How can we believe you?”

Nasrudin moved in front of everyone and shouted happily, “Showing something is more important than speaking the truth!”

The he took a brick from his coat pocket and threw it on the table in front of everyone.

“Here is my proof!” he shouted. “Look at the brick and see how well it’s made. And I built the whole house by myself!” (to be continued)